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What is Software?

What is Software?
Software is the collection of data or instructions. Software is the part of computer system and it is used to operate computers and related devices. The software is very essential for computer because without software, computer would be useless.
In a general way when the program that runs on a computer and perform certain functions is called Software. In other words, we also say that related information and the program are used by computers.

What is Software?

Types of software:

Software divided into following categories:

· Application software: Users are directly interested in programs that do work.
There are many different types of Application software:
1. Business software
2. Computer-aided design
3. Databases
4. Design making software
5. Educational software
6. Image editing
7. Mathematical software
8. Molecular modeling software
9. Industrial automation
10. Medical software
11. Simulation software
12. Quantum chemistry
13. Solid state Physics software
14. Spreadsheets
15. Telecommunications
16. Word processors
17. Video games
18. Video editing software

· System Software: Any program that supports application software and which includes Operating system is called System software. System software includes following combinations:

1. Device driver
2. Operating system
3. Server
4. Utility
5. Package management system
6. Windows system

· Middleware software or malware software or malicious software: Middleware controls distributed systems.
· Programming languages: In a computer programs define the semantics and syntax.
· Teachware
· Firmware
· Shrink ware
· Device drivers
· Programming tools: which includes:
1. Compilers
2. Debuggers
3. Interpreters
4. Linkers
5. Test Editors
6. Integrated development Environment


                           Software                                   Examples
Word processor’s word
Spreadsheet Excel
Utility Compression, Disk cleanup, Registry cleaner, encryption, screen saver
Simulation Flight simulator, SimCity
Presentation PowerPoint
Programming language C++, HTML, JAVA, Perl, visual Basics(VB)
Photo/Graphic programs Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw
Operating system Android, IOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Movies player VLC, Windows Media Player
Internet Browser Firefox, Google chrome, Internet explorer
Game Madden NFL Football, Quake, World of war craft
E-mail Outlook, Thunderbird
Device drivers Computer Drivers
Database Access, SQL, MySQl
Audio/Music Program ITunes,  Win Amp
Antivirus AVG, House call,  McAfee

Software can be Purchased or not?
Yes Software can be purchased from computer stores and also you can be downloaded from the internet in your computer. And Free Software also available which can be used like:
· Shareware or Trial Software
· Freeware
· Open source software
When you used your computer first, then you have to first install following free software on your computer:
· Antivirus and Malware Protection: for antivirus you have to use Avast and for malware you have to use malware Bytes.
· Backup solutions: Mozy or Drop box
· Browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome
· Compression utility: 7-Zip
· Disc ripper and Creation utility: CDBurnerXP
· E-mail: Gmail
· FTP, SFTP, SSH Utility: Filezilla used for FTP and for SSH we used Putty
· Image editor, Paint program, picture organizer: GIMP Used for image editor, is used for paint program; Google Photos is used for picture organizer.
· Multimedia: VLC, Audacity
· Office suite: Open Office

How many types of software products?
Software products are following:
· By publisher
· By platform
· By Genre
· Comparisons
Software development is also divided in three categories like Software development,computer programming, software engineering.

Software distribution is following:
· Software licenses
· Revenue Models
· Delivery methods
· Scams
· End of Software Life cycles
Quality and reliability of software is very essential. In a computer language’s fault and errors are called bugs. And bugs can be eliminated through Software Testing. Why software, also called Software Aging because software is also a victim. The first software program was written by Tom Kilburn.



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