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Truecaller- The Best Caller ID

What Truecaller Is?
Truecaller is the world’s largest phone directory. It is a mobile application which helps you to identify the identity
of the number calling you. Through Truecaller app, you can find the owner of any mobile number without
calling to that number. Isn’t it interesting to know the name of the person calling you by just entering the mobile number!

In today’s generation where getting missed calls from an unknown number scares us. May be it’s a prank call
or a call from call centers. Or it may be an important call which you should not be missed! But how to know
which call is a genuine or a fake call? Here Truecaller comes in the picture. Truecaller helps recognize
unknown incoming calls and warn you against unwanted calls. In fact, it also reveals the location and e-mail
id details and sometimes a photo of the caller which is attached with the contact detail.

The most interesting thing about this app is that it works for you without charging any cost. Yes, you read it right.
Truecaller is a free mobile application with many advanced features which makes your phone book more
intelligent and useful so as you. Truecaller app is supported by all phones whether it is Android, iPhone, Blackberry,
Symbian or Windows.

How Truecaller works!
Truecaller have a collection of all the contacts in the mobile phonebook of its registered users from all around the
world. It has the contact information from the public phone directories too to make it more powerful caller ID
and global phone directory.

When a person downloads Truecaller App on phone, the App uploads all the contacts of that person to its database.
So when someone searches for a number on Truecaller it shows the name of the person which is saved in the phonebook
of another registered user. This is how Truecaller works on the basis of information shared by its user directly or indirectly.
Hence, Truecaller will tell you the proper name of the caller most of the time.

Is Truecaller a Privacy Risk?
As Truecaller is one of the widely used mobile app for identifying the unknown callers. On one hand, where it is very useful
to get the identity of the person with the mobile number, on the other hand, anyone can get your identity with your number too.
Is it a risk issue for you? Then don’t worry, Truecaller provides its user to hide/unlist your identity from Truecaller directory.
You can easily delist your entire contact information for search in Truecaller database.

Truecaller – A Spam Blocker
Truecaller not only work as a phone directory it also blocks spammers. Truecaller identifies the spam number and block
it so that you won’t be disturbed. Truecaller has a community-based spam list from over millions of users to avoid unknown
spam calls. Sometimes, spammer tries to hide their numbers from being displayed on the receiver’s phone. Truecaller blocks
such numbers for you. So, whenever a spammer calls you, Truecaller informs you of the details which you can check under block tab.

Block numbers of the same series: Truecaller
Are you annoyed of picking calls from call centers? Nowadays call center numbers are not unique so that they can be recognized.
And if you add the number in the reject list of your phone, you will get the call from another number. So, here Truecaller allows you
to block numbers starting from the same series. Now, call center won’t be able to reach you with another number of the same series.

Truecaller Badge
Do you know what is Truecaller badge? Truecaller defines its users by different badges like User badge, Verification Badge, and
Crown Badge. Let’s know these badges one by one. The first category of the badge is user badge which a registered user gets
when he/she creates a profile on Truecaller. The second category of the badge is Verification badge, it is given to the user
whose details Truecaller finds is correct and genuine by checking your details with its community or your circle numbers. Another
category of the badge is Crown Badge, this badge is known as the professional badge and you can get it by buying pro version
through an app. The pro version is an ad-free experience and allows you to send contact requests. It means you can request the
number for information which the owner wants to share with you.

Truecaller: A Quick Number Picker
Sometimes, we are not able to receive a call and if it is from an unknown number you will think hundred times to call the number.
But Truecaller helps you to identify the caller but when you are busy then copying a number and then open Truecaller and paste
the number in search box annoys you. Truecaller has launched a new feature by which as soon as you copy the number it shows
the identity of the caller without tapping Truecaller app.


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