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Technology- Making Communication Better

Over the years, technology has changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. Think of the time, when we have to face so much difficulty to connect with our friends or relatives. Now, technology revolution has created so many opportunities that we totally depend on technology for communication and we can not live without it.

Technology Revolution
Technology revolution grew up so fast that nobody left behind from its impact. Earlier, the telegraph was replaced by telephone and now, there are so many other options to contact to your relatives and friends. Through out the past, technology has gone hand-in-hand and evolved various things out which the internet and mobile phones are on the top of the list. Technology has clinched the long distances and now no one even feels that they are sitting far away from each other.

The technology used for communication is electronic technology. With word electronics what comes to your mind? Yes, you are right it is linked with electric circuits. Thorugh this technology, many electronic devices are made which made communication easy and better. In earlier times, we used to write letters and then post it and wait for the reply which takes one month, two months, sometimes years depending upon the distance. Now, a message can be typed and sent and we got a reply in few seconds. That’s how technology revolution has changed our lives.

Impact of Technology in Communication
No one can deny the useful impact of technology for communication. Let’s have a look on impacts of technology we use or can use for interaction and communication with our close ones one by one.



Message Applications
To get in touch with friends, relatives or close ones, a text message is the best way. Technology brought us so many applications for the text message to solve our problem. These applications are free and update us of the messages instantly. A good example is WhatsApp. It allows you to connect with others via messages, images, videos etc. These applications not just fulfill the requirement of chatting in fact, you can send informatory documents as well.

Social Network Sites
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. are the best form of communication. Here, you can interact with family, friends, colleagues and with strangers also. You can gather friends from schools, colleges, and ex-office which you are no longer in touch. Here you can be connected to the happenings of friend’s life. Whether you talk to a person or not but you will be able to know the things happened in their lives.

Video Conferencing
Want to talk to a person who is not sitting beside you but wants to see him talking in front of you? Then, Video conferencing is what you need to do. There is so many application for doing video conferencing like Skype and WhatsApp are also giving facility now.You and the person whom you want to talk should have a camera and right software and you can have live chat with them which makes you feel that you are sitting with them. You can convey your message with physical gestures and facial expressions through video conferencing tool.

Email is another a means of communication used for business communication. Rather social networking sites as taken place of all the communication apps. But there are certain things which should be done professionally, which email providers. There are many email websites like, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail etc. which can be used o communicate with your business person.

Many times, you have to tell something urgent to your professional partners, here letter won’t work as it will take time to respond. Email is the best solution for that and is considered as the professional way of communication. Also, it saves paper and hence tree.

Mobile Phone

The most important means of communication in today’s life is Mobile Phone. The mobile phone is a portable telephone which allows you to take it anywhere you go. Through mobile phone, you access your email and other social networking accounts. It also enables user to send instant messages. A mobile phone with internet service is like all services in one device. Hence, a mobile phone is considered as the fastest means of communication.


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