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SHAREit- Transfer & Share App

Want to share some files or photos or videos to your friend but don’t have an internet connection? Then SHAREit will work for you. SHAREit is the best offline application which enables you to transfer various kind of files like images, videos, movie application, documents and much more. It lets you transfer file without internet connectivity. SHAREit transfers files from one Wi-Fi compatible device to other. It was introduced by the company named Shareit Technologies Co. Ltd. and it is a free application.


How SHAREit works?
The technology used for the working of SHAREit is very simple that anybody can explain it. SHAREit uses WiFi direct concept which means it works with Wi-Fi hotspot and is almost installed in all latest android phones. It creates a hotspot server to connect devices and share files between devices. Then, the receiver has to join the hosted server and files transfer is done as soon as sender and receivers devices are connected to each other on the server.

This technology makes file transfer process very fast. Your files are transferred to another device within few seconds depending on the size of the files. SHAREit doesn’t need mobile data or Wi-fi network to transfer files. With the help of SHAREit, rather than sharing photos or videos you can also share pdfs, apps and other files without any size restrictions.

SHAREit better than other Apps
Earlier, we were using infrared and Bluetooth technology to share files between mobile phone which allow you to just transfer photos. In fact, sharing these photos took a lot of time. SHAREit transfers your all files in few seconds. The core feature of SHAREit is to transfer files without the use of cloud storage. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using as SHAREit only communicates with other SHAREit enabled device. It means you can share or transfer files between any brand of phones.
It lets you transfer files from different devices like phone, tablets, and computer. SHAREit enables you to connect your phone to your PC to share your data. It is very simple and easy to use SHAREit. It is rated very high on Google Play Store and App Store and is being used by millions of users.



How to Use SHAREit?

Now, you must be thinking how to use SHAREit if you haven’t installed it yet and if you already have this app let’s see some features of SHRAEit in a deep. If you want SHAREit to work on your phone, you must have Wi-Fi functionality on your phone which is available on all latest technology phones. Wi-Fi functionality doesn’t mean you should have internet or wi-fi connectivity, no data pack or internet connection is used while transferring files via SHAREit.

Simply, download and then install SHAREit on your device. Now to share files tap on the SHAREit app icon. On the homepage, you will see two buttons receive or send, click the one what function you want to perform. If you select the send option, then choose the files you want to share and when you are done selecting files click next it will redirect you to the new page where the receiver will be searched. Here you will find the receiver whom you want to send the files, tap the icon of your receiver. Now, in few seconds your files are transferred to your friend’s phone.

And if you want to receive the files from another device, the same function will be performed on that device, you just have to click receive and the files will be transferred to your phone. Isn’t it interesting how SHAREit works and transfers your files without any efforts in a fraction of the time!

SHAREit Cloning Feature
SHAREit being used by many users keeps on updating with new features to give the better experience to its users. Recently, SHAREit introduced a new feature Cloneit. This feature allows you to replicate contacts, messages, apps and all types of files from your old phone to your new phone to save data from being lost. Usually, when we change our phone many times we lost our data whether it is media file or your contacts and SMS. This feature will be very useful for you while switching your phone.


SHAREit is a very useful app which everyone is using to save their time to transfer files without internet connectivity or USB usage at any time and whatever place.

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