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Instagram- The Popular Social Networking App

Nowadays, a new social networking app is in fashion among people especially teenagers, college students and adults too. This trendy app is Instagram. Instagram gains its importance within two-three months after its launch. It was introduced in October 2010. Today, it is available in 25 different languages. Likewise other social network apps, Instagram is free of cost and can be used by people of any age group. It is available for both iOS and Android device.

An Introduction to Instagram
Instagram is a social networking app which is made for sharing photos and videos from your smartphone. The person who creates an account on Instagram has a profile and news feed which is similar to other social networking apps like Facebook or Twitter. You can post a photo or video on Instagram which will display on your profile. Just like other social networking apps you can connect with people by following them, be followed by them, comment, tagging, liking and private messages too.

Why use Instagram?
Now, you must be thinking why you will use Instagram separately to just share photos or videos with your friends when there is Facebook. There are many reasons for you to use Instagram. The very obvious reason is the simplicity of Instagram which makes it stand apart from other apps. It focuses only on one core feature that is sharing photos and videos with your friends which make it easy and convenient to use.

The another feature which makes it unique is Filter. Now, no one even posts his/her photo on social networking apps without editing. Editing photo is in trend to give a photo a stylish, panoramic, iconic look. So, Instagram provides 11 different filters to transform an ordinary picture into an extra ordinary without many efforts. As soon as you click or upload the photograph on Instagram, you can apply filters of your choice to it.



Instagram – A Social App
Instagram, like another social network, is mainly about friends or followers. On Instagram, you have followers which can be seen on the right side of the profile. Here you can see your followers and people whom you are following. In the profile page, you have a profile pic with name and description about you and the photos uploaded by you. You can like and comment on the pictures or videos.

Finding friends on Instagram
In search tab, you can find people by their name. Also, Instagram keeps on intimating you of your friends on Facebook and Twitter who are using Instagram to make you connect with them. You can also invite your friends through Invite friends feature of Instagram. You can follow them and see their posts.

Instagram Stories
Instagram keeps on introducing a new feature and recently introduced its new Stories feature. It is a secondary feed which can be seen on the top of the main feed. It is marked with little photo bubbles of the user you follow.

Sharing Instagram Posts to other Apps
The Instagram account can be configured with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking apps. Now, you don’t have to post your photos on all social apps separately. Just post your photos on Instagram and share it on any networking app you want by just pressing share button.

Instagram Private Account
When we talk about any social networking app the first thing which comes to our mind is privacy. If you are not comfortable in sharing your posts to the unknown person you can make your account private from social. Now your posts can be seen only by your followers. Also, you can use Instagram Direct to send a private post or message to a friend which can be seen only by them.

Instagram: A Photo Capturer
Instagram allows you to click photos on Instagram App. These photos can be edited with filters to give them unique effect. These photos can be shared as posts on Instagram and to other social apps also.

Instagram Account
Now, after reading all about Instagram if you want to make Instagram, here is a guide to have an account on Instagram. You can simply download the app from your Google play store or App store and install on your phone. After that sign up by providing the details mentioned. You can also login Instagram with Facebook.

At any time, if you want to change your profile information like your username or email address, you can do it with an ease. By simply tapping user icon on your profile and press Edit Profile button. Here you can type the username you want. Also, you can update your information like a website, your bio or private information by entering in the provided fields. Now, you can add follow people you want and can see their photo or video posts.


Isn’t Instagram a sensational mobile application with simplified features! Then go and make your account on Instagram if you don’t have till now.

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