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How to format USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive

Are you not able to format your USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive or have you ever confronted a situation,
when you just inserted a USB flash drive/Pen drive into your computer and tried to format it but
unfortunately got an error message “The disk is write protected”? Then your search has reached
you to the right place to get the solution.

Storage devices which are removable like USB flash drives/Pen drives have write-protection which
means it refuses to format the drive. It is a normal thing that our files, drives or systems get corrupted
or infected by various types of malicious virus, malware, spyware, and cookies etc. Hence, they are
designed so to protect the data loss of USB flash drive from being modified without authentication.

But the big problem arises here that then how can be a USB flash drive/Pen drive be formatted or erased?
If you are unable to format write-protected USB drive that can’t be formatted with “The disk is write
protected” error! Here are some simple ways to remove the write-protection USB and format the
USB flash drive or pen drive with no hassle.

Format USB Flash Drive using Command Prompt

USB Flash Drive can be formatted using Command Prompt. Connect your USB flash drive to your
Computer and follow the step by step guide given below to format your USB Flash Drive.
Step 1: First of all, click on the Start Menu and type cmd in the search bar and then by right clicking
run it as administrator from the list of options. This will open Command Prompt window,
Step 2: Now type disk part in the command line and enter. This will generate a list of all internal and
external disk associated with your computer in a tabular form.
Step 3: Identify the disk which you want to format among all the disk. Now, select the desired disk by
typing select the Disk with its number. For instance, select Disk 1. This will intimate the selected disk.
Step 4: We are all done with the steps to format USB flash drive with this last step. Just type “attributes
disk clear read only” and press enter. After this, you will get a success message that disk attributes
are cleared successfully.

Now, you can format your USB flash drive/Pen drive by simply right clicking the drive in My Computer
and select format or you can do so via command prompt. It’s your choice.


Format USB Flash Drive using Registry

Formatting USB Flash Drive is not an issue now. But if you are not confident about using Command Prompt
you can use registry method also to format the drive. Follow the steps given below and your drive will be
formatted in few moments.

Step 1: To format your USB Flash Drive using Registry, you need Registry Editor. For this, press window+R keys
together and type regedit in Run window’s search bar and press enter.
Step 2: In Registry editor, follow the path
here you will see WriteProtected written in the pane. Doble click on that and a new window will open
named Edit DWORD. Under value data from 1 to 10 to disable write protection from the drive. Once you
are done, press OK. Now, you can edit or format your USB Flash drive as per your needs.

Format USB Flash Drive via third party tool

After seeing the above methods, if you find it little tricky then the best option is to use third party tool to
format your USB Flash drive. There are so many tools in the market to format USB flash drive/Pen Drive
like HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, MMC Format tool, Panasonic SD Format Tool, Urescue Format
Tool, SD formatted, etc. These tools allow you to format any USB drive from Sandisk, Kingston, Panasonic,
Lexar, Samsung, Sony, etc. These formatting tools can easily format the USB drive in all complex cases like
Format write-protected USB flash drive/Pen drive, format USB drive back to its original size or format USB
drive to FAT32 or NTFS.

Before formatting your USB drive first of all, back up your files or data as formatting will delete all your data.
Now, follow these simple steps to format your USB flash drive/Pen drive.

Step 1: Connect your USB flash drive/Pen drive to your computer and launch your formatting tool. Now,
right click the disk you want to format and choose “Format partition”.

Step 2: A window will pop out, on which you can edit the partition label and choose the file system.

Step 3: Now, the final step is to click “Apply” to confirm format your USB flash drive.


The first two methods are free of cost as they are inbuilt tools except little tricky. But to use the third party
format tool which is easy and convenient to use, you have to lose your pockets. The choice is yours which
one is best for you!

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